Although establishing relationships with teachers and office staff is an effective way to get assignments, this process can take time and may not be enough to keep you working as much as you would like. What are some things you can you do to keep as busy as you want to be? 
  • Check in with Aesop often.
  • Accept jobs as often as possible.
  • Be on time in the morning and for each class period.
  • Always check in at the beginning and end of the day with the school office secretary/personnel in charge of substitutes.
  • Be cheerful, pleasant and ready to assist in any way you are needed.
  • Follow through with all instructions left by classroom teacher. The teacher depends on you to carry through as if he/she were present.
  • Follow lesson plans left by the teacher (not following lesson plans is the #1 complaint from the classroom teacher).
  • Start students working promptly and kindly let them know you are in charge.
  • Follow the class schedule.
  • Leave clear, complete notes for teacher. Compile information/papers submitted by students. Leaving a note (post-it) on each pile of work with details such as: Math, Assignment 2, pg. 121-123, # 1-25, is a great communication tool.
  • Don’t try to be the students’ friend; you are the teacher of the day. Be firm, but fair.
  • Have a SubPack full of tried-and-true tools you can use in case you have a need.
  • If you have a particular problem or concern, inform the principal or secretary before you leave.
  • Be a student of guest teaching; participate in training and educational opportunities.
  • Remember that communication is key! 
If a guest teacher is diligent in utilizing these ideas they can expect to begin getting referrals and requests to work.  This coupled with using the Aesop system will help keep you busier than you can imagine!