Overall Duties, Responsibilities and Expectations
for Guest Teachers
This is a general overview and does not replace policy or procedure otherwise noted.
No visitors or guests (child or adult) may come to school with a Guest Teacher on assignment.
Guest teachers are employees of Tooele County School District and work under the direction of the school principal. All guest teachers are expected to arrive on time and to remain on the job until all students have been picked up by their parents, been put on the bus, or have otherwise been dismissed.
Guest teachers should arrive at Elementary School offices no later than 8:40 a.m. and at the Jr. and Sr. High School offices no later than 7:40 a.m. for start of school day assignments. Guest teachers are to report to the office no later than 20 minutes prior to the start of any assignment.
 Check-in at the Front Office:
  • The guest teacher is to report to the main office upon arriving at school to receive their assignment.
  • The guest teacher must sign in each day and secure a guest teacher badge. This badge must be worn at all times while on assignment and returned to the school office at the end of the school day.
  • When checking in, guest teachers should be prepared to provide the school secretary with name and form of photo identification.
  • Guest teachers are hired for the entire school day and are expected to use the entire day in service to the system. Guest teachers are not entitled to a preparatory period, but are entitled to the same lunch period as the regular classroom teacher whom they are replacing.
  • During breaks from classroom duties, guest teachers are to report to the school office for possible assignment from the secretary or principal.
  • Guest teacher is to always check in with the office before leaving school grounds during assignment.
    Guest Teacher Responsibilities: 
  • Guest Teachers are responsible for the pupils, equipment, and materials assigned to their care.
  • After checking in with the office, the guest teacher should report to the assigned classroom.
  • Get acquainted with surrounding teachers and layout of school. 
  • Review lesson plans prepared by the regular teacher and locate materials for carrying out the assignment. For lesson plan questions, ask for assistance from neighboring teacher or office.
  • Maintain classroom discipline and carry out the classroom procedures as if the regular teacher. A guest teacher has the same responsibilities and duties as the regular teacher, including lunch duty, bus duty and playground supervision. 
  • As a means of creating the appropriate classroom climate, the guest teacher should introduce themself to each new group of students with whom they have contact throughout the day.
  • Guest teachers are to follow any lesson plans and instructions left by the classroom teacher and do not have the authority to make changes in daily curriculum except in emergency situations.
  • Guest teachers are expected to use common sense and good judgment in addressing problems with students and other staff members.
  • Firm, fair treatment of all students, combined with explicit explanations and directions, will prevent many disciplinary problems. Classroom management skills can be learned in STEDI.org training.
  • The guest teacher must never administer corporal punishment to any child and never physically handle a student.
  • Guest teachers should never leave the classroom unattended.
  • A guest teacher should not permit a student to leave the school grounds without checking with the school administration.
  • Communicate to the classroom teacher with detailed notes about what happened throughout the day. It is important that the regular teacher be informed of the material covered during their absence. As you prepare your daily summary, report only that which is necessary.
    At the End of the Day:
  • Make sure all windows and any outside doors are shut and locked.
  • To make a positive impression, take a few moments to straighten up the classroom; leave the room neat and orderly, tuck in chairs, straighten desks, pick up the floor, but do not touch items on the regular teacher’s desk.
  • Communicate concerns or issues with the office staff, department head or school administrator.
  • Return all supplies to the school office, sign out and check to determine the need for further service.