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"Substitute Teaching is like being on stage without a script.
You need to ad lib intelligence in all disciplines."  -Victoria Marie
Tooele County School District values our guest teachers and wants to do our best to support them! 
By offering training that helps guest teacher's to succeed in the classroom, we experience greater job satisfaction, resulting in better retention. Put simply, trained individuals are more willing to substitute teach and less likely to find new employment. 
Any worthy investment in training benefits both the students and the guest teachers. We recognize that helping our guest teachers feel prepared results in a more positive experience for not only the guest teacher, but also the school administration, teachers, and most importantly... the students!
Continual instruction focusing on the best teaching techniques creates strong educators who enter a classroom enthusiastically and are prepared to teach under any set of circumstances.
Initial Training:
Tooele County School District has instituted the Substitute Teacher Training Program designed by Utah State University Substitute Teaching Institute and delivered by  This training program is a requirement of working as a guest teacher and will need to be renewed every three years or as indicated by the substitute office.
The initial course and renewal process begins with training in classroom management, teaching strategies, planning, and other instructional skills and procedures. 
This is online training course.  Newly hired guest teachers will be sent an email with instructions on taking this training. At this time, there is no charge to the guest teacher.

Online Course:
Substitute applicants are required to complete the SubOrientation™ and SubSkills™ training and pass the SubAssessment™. The online assessment must be completed at 85% or greater. It takes an average of thirty minutes to complete each of the five Sub Assessment™ sections.  Candidates may take each section of the SubAssessment™ a maximum of four times, to obtain a passing score of at least 85%.
Once training is complete, applicants should print or save a copy of their SubDiploma™ for their records and email a copy to Guest teachers will not be able to begin subbing without first completing the Aesop & STEDI Training, and Orientation.
Continuing Training for Existing Guest Teachers:
Tooele County School District is working on creating mini-courses for existing guest teachers. These courses will be offered in addition to the STEDI training. Topics of training will be centered around the needs of our current guest teachers and focus on increasing their classroom skills. Date of availability to be determined.
Additional Training through
We highly recommend that all guest teachers sign up for the SubSuggestionsNewsletter. This weekly Newsletter contains invaluable tips and training tools for guest teachers who are looking to learn how to improve their skill base.  In addition, follow the STEDI blog for great interactive information. For other helpful links to STEDI information, visit our STEDI page.