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Cats or Dogs?

 In my opinion, I think dogs are better than cats. I think dogs can do more stuff and be more fun. They can do more activities than a lazy cat. Here are some reasons why.

Dogs can do many fun activities like walking them.  You can take them for a walk around the block or walk a mile. When you keep your dog in a cage it doesn't have room to play, but when you walk it, it can play and chase things. And you can make it go where you want it to go. Cats are lazy and stubborn at times and will go where they want to go. So when you walk your dog you get some exercise too and go outside and have fun.

Another thing dogs can do is guard your house. When they see someone they don't know they bark. Plus they keep you company when you don't feel safe. And the best thing they can do is play in my opinion. When you feel there is no one to play with go play with your dog in your yard and or if you don't have a big yard, take him to the public park. Buy him a chew toy and play tug of war and play till he gets tired or make him chase you or fetch.

Another fun thing dogs can do is be trained. You can teach it to play fetch. It might take a while but when it’s done learning, it will be worth it. Some duck hunters train their dogs to go fetch the duck they shot. And if you have trained it to fetch you can go show your friends what your dog can do. 


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