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“Studies have clearly shown that parental involvement is very

important to student academic progress and achievement. Parents

act as the primary advocates for their children’s academic

excellence. By working on the council or committee, parents 

ensure the representation of various viewpoints and values from

 within the school community. Parents make up the majority of

 school community council members and trust land committees

, and are often the driving force. A parent serves as either chair or

vice-chair. It is important that parents on the council understand

 the responsibilities of the council, and are able to collaborate well

 with the other members of the council to bring about meaningful

 school improvement for all the children at the school.”


Here is a list of the council 




 Chair:  Jill Dransfield

Jennifer Hadlock​


Kim Blake​


Northlake Staff: 

Renee Milne  --435-833-1940

 Vivian Rose --435-833-1940

Secretary Patti Foster  --435-841-0973



 15---Rules-of-Order-12-14-Both-Pages.docxRoberts Rules and Orders




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 Council Members

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2011-12 trustlands final report.pdf2011-12 trustlands final report.pdf


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