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​​​​​Important Dates:
January 31:  Changed to February 3 because of the School Science Fair (which I am in charge of and will, therefore, have a substitute)  This is a Character Backpack Book Report :  Pack a backpack with some items the character in your book might need.  The items should tell something about the character.  Remember that the book cannot be one we are reading in class unless you also read it at home.
Calendar of Assignments
I am kind of excited to try this out:  I will post assignments for each day, along with the corresponding worksheets if any.  That way, if you are absent or missing an assignment, you should be able to look on this calendar to get what you need!  If you don't see what you need, please email me and I will either send it or attach it to the calendar.
Every Monday:  Reading Minutes Calendar
Every day:  Spelling and Math Homework
   (Sent home Mon-Thur, Turn in Tue-Fri)
  • See the "Homework Schedule" for specific Spelling activities assigned each day.
  • Yes! We have Math Homework even on days that we have a test.
Math Homework Answers  Answers to Math Homework are listed in the bar at the far right.  This is for studetns to be able to check their  work after they have completed their Math Homework.  Parents or students may also refer to it if they are confused about how to solve a specific portion of the assignment.





Getting Started









Major Classroom Documents and Links
If there is something you feel would be helpful to have here, please email me and I will post it for everyone.


 Major Classroom Documents

5th Grade Book Battle List.pdf
12/30/2013 7:33 PMNo presence informationAmy Mason
December Math Homework Show Me.pdf
12/14/2013 3:29 PMNo presence informationAmy Mason
Decimal of the Day Blank Worksheet.pdf
11/8/2013 7:05 AMNo presence informationAmy Mason
Homework Schedule.pdf
9/18/2013 11:31 PMNo presence informationAmy Mason
Magic Number Homework for November.pdf
11/20/2013 4:08 PMNo presence informationAmy Mason
Mason Disclosure 2013-2014.pdf
8/27/2013 5:24 PMNo presence informationAmy Mason
Math Homework November.pdf
11/20/2013 4:04 PMNo presence informationAmy Mason
Reading Minute Calendar 2013-2014.pdf
10/2/2013 9:44 PMNo presence informationAmy Mason
Show Me Math Blank Worksheet.pdf
12/11/2013 2:55 PMNo presence informationAmy Mason
Show Me Numbers January.pdf
1/10/2014 1:01 PMNo presence informationAmy Mason
Spelling Weeks 13-18.docx
12/17/2013 8:30 AMNo presence informationAmy Mason



Students can write or revise essays that have been assigned in class.  The computer will score the essay, but this is not the grade I give for the assignment.
Students have taken a Placement Test to find missing skills.  As they do more lessons and practice activities, they will be given minutes to play games.  Please work on Math and Language.
There are two types of tests that students can take on UTIPS:
1.  Practice Test:  These are tests that we have taken in class for credit and students should have a paper copy.  They can retake these as many times as they would like, but it will not change their grade.  They may have help on these quizzes.
2.  Test Retakes.  After students are confident with the Practice Test, they may do the RETAKE TEST.  The questions will be just like the Practice Test, but the numbers will be different.  They can only do the Test Retake 2 times and they may *not* have help.  I will record this Retake score
The pages in this book look exactly like the paper book that we use in class.  Go the page indicated on the assignment.  Do not click on the Homework tab unless you are looking for an assigned worksheet (labeled WS).