Photo Name Job Title/Subjects Email Class Webpage


Bill Gochis Principal bgochis@tooeleschools.org
David Whiting Assistant Principal dwhiting@tooeleschools.org

Office Staff

Debbie Leatham Financial Secretary dleatham@tooeleschools.org
Sharmel Walker Office Secretary/Registrar swalker@tooeleschools.org

Counseling Staff

Elisa Jenkins Counseling Secretary ejenkins@tooeleschools.org
Karen Bitters Counselor kbitters@tooeleschools.org
Andrea Sanders Counselor asanders@tooeleschools.org
Sheri Lee Counselor slee@tooeleschools.org


Tricia Allen Physical Education tallem@tooeleschools.org
Katie Anderson Math kanderson@tooeleschools.org
Michael Campbell Keyboarding, Exploring Computers and Business, Creative Coding, Future Business Leaders of America mcampbell@tooeleschools.org Tooele Canvas
Debbie Christensen Keyboarding, Exploring Business and Marketing bchristensen@tooeleschools.org Tooele Canvas
Pat Ciervo History, Law and Debate pciervo@tooeleschools.org
Paul Cobb Science 8 pcobb@tooeleschools.org
Barbra Comer Language Arts bcomer@tooeleschools.org
Suzanna Crowe Science scrowe@tooeleschools.o rg
Sara Cruz Language Arts scruz@tooeleschools.org TJHS 8th Grade Language Arts
Chad Dellos P.E. 7/8 cdellos@tooeleschools.org
Amy Dzierzon Math adzierzon@tooeleschools.org
Dana Emery English, Special Ed. demery@tooeleschools.org
Laura Essmeier Math lessmeier@tooeleschools.org
Rodney Gardner College and Career Awarenes, Keyboarding rgardner@tooeleschools.org
Trent Grable Language Arts tgrable@tooeleschools.org
Geneva Jaussi Spanish/ESL gjaussi@tooeleschools.org
Carlos Jimenez Health/Outdoor Rec cjimenez@tooeleschools.org
Lisa Johnson Math ljohnson@tooeleschools.org
Carrie Jones CCA FACs cjones@tooeleschools.org
Rebecca Jorgensen Chorus rjorgensen@tooeleschools.org
Bill Knight Science bknight@tooeleschools.org
Brent Larsen Math blarsen@tooeleschools.org
Michael Leetham CCA Industrial mleetham@tooeleschools.org
Tom Maenner Math tmeanner@tooeleschools.org
Chelsea Miles Language Arts cmiles@tooeleschools.org
Brian Moore Utah Studies bmoore@tooeleschools.org
Ruth Nichols Art, Drama rnichols@tooeleschools.org
Melinda Nielson mnielson@tooeleschools.org
Shawn Oviatt Math soviatt@tooeleschools.org
Kristine Perryman Speach kperryman@tooeleschools.org
Dionne Powell Math dpowell@tooeleschools.org
Amy Price Special Education aprice@tooeleschools.org
Tamara Rigby trigby@tooeleschools.org
Morgan Rivera Utah Studies mrivera@tooeleschools.org Rivera's History
Tyson Snyder Utah Studies tsnyder@tooeleschools.org
Lisa Strain Language Arts lstrain@tooeleschools.org
Michael Sumner Math msumner@tooeleschools.org
Marilyn Syra Band bsyra@tooeleschools.org
Jamie Tanner Special Education jtanner@tooeleschools.org
Polly Tolbert ptolbert@tooeleschools.org
Sheila Unsworth sunsworth@tooeleschools.org
Corley Ward cward@tooeleschools.org TooeleUtahStudies
Sharee Zhu Chinese szhu@tooeleschools.org

Support Staff

Dona Wilson Librarian cgenther@tooeleschools.org
Carol Genther Para cgenther@tooeleschools.org
Jennifer Torres Para jtorres@tooeleschools.org
Jamie Maiello Para jmaiello@tooeleschools.org
Sara Hooper Nurse shooper@tooeleschools.org


Chris Williams Head Custodian cwilliams@tooelesch ools.org
Britt Dymock Custodian bdymock@tooeleschools.org
Stephanie Harris Custodian
Brett Cloward Custodian

Lunchroom Staff

Delaina Loerscher Lunchroom Staff
Linda Erickson Lunchroom Staff
LaRaine Montague Lunchroom Staff
Kaylyn Pearson Lunchroom Staff
Solo Pace Lunchroom Staff
Kandy Sagers Lunchroom Staff
Dallis Stewart Lunchroom Staff
Bonnie Wallis Lunchroom Staff