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About My Class
Our focus this year will be on the changing world.  We will learn how energy and matter change to create the world we see around us every day.  We will also learn how science works and how to find scientific answers on our own.



Inferance and Observation
    Observation and Inference.pdf
      Inference PowerPoint.pdf
   Energy Study Guide.pdf
      Energy Vocabulary Words.pdf
Energy PowerPoint.pptx
      Energy PowerPoint.pdf

     Matter Study Guide.pdf
  Matter Vocabulary Words.pdf
Changes In Matter PowerPoint.ppt     

Changes In Matter PowerPoint.pdf

      Minerals Study Guide.pdf
    Mineral Vocabulary Words.pdf
Minerals PowerPoint
Mineral PowerPoint PDF.pdf

Rocks Study Guide.pdf
      Rock Vocabulary.pdf
     Rocks Powerpoint.pptx

Rocks Powerpoint PDF.pdf

Erosion and Weathering

    Weathering and Erosion Study Guide.pdf

Weathering and Erosion Vocabulary.pdf

Weathering and Erosion PowerPoint.ppt

Weathering and Erosion Powerpoint PDF.pdf

Geologic Time
Geologic Time Study Guide.pdf
      Geologic Time Vocabulary.pdf
      Geologic Time PowerPoint.pptx
Geologic Time PowerPoint PDF.pdf

Energy and the Environment
Energy and the Environmmet Study Guide.pdf     
   Energy and the Environment Vocabulary.pdf
     Energy And The Environment Powerpoint PDF.pdf

Food Web Project
Food web activity.pdf

      Waves Study Guide.pdf
     Wave Unit Vocabulary.pdf
Waves PowerPoint.pdf

Simple Machines
      Simple Machine Study Guide.pdf
      Simple Machines Vocabulary.pdf
     Simple Machines PowerPoint PDF.pdf

Energy, Force and Motion
      Study Guide
      Force Vocabulary.pdf
Forces Power Point.pdf